Is a Penis Pump Really Efficient for Penis Enlargement? - We Will Tell Why It Is Not - The Safe and Efficient Ways of Natural Penis Extension You Should Learn About

Penis pumps are popular devices, which are widely advertised on the Web. They are offered as a method to overcome erectile dysfunction, when a person for some reason is not able to achieve a strong and long staying erection for sexual intercourse. But, at the same time, penis vacuum pumps are advertised as a device capable of giving a penis enlargement effects. You should be cautioned in advance that in case your objective is a penis with more impressive dimensions, both in length and girth, you should not ever use a vacuum penis pump. The purpose of a vacuum penis pump is to make your erections temporarily bigger. As a rule, penis pumps are used by men with chronic insulin dependent diabetes or blood circulation problems, which lead to erectile dysfunction. Because of poor blood inflow into the erectile cavities of the penis shaft, people suffering from erectile dysfunction cannot achieve hard erections. And application of a pump could be a good, though temporary, solution for them. Besides, the application of a pump is directly connected with possible health risks to the user, which is absolutely unacceptable, as far as our understanding of penis enlargement methods is concerned.

In order to understand the deficiencies of a vacuum penis pump as a penis enlargement device let us have a closer look at the principles of its operation. The basics of any vacuum penis pump of any model, available on the market today, are the same. A pump includes a special hollow tube, into which you should insert the shaft of your penis. With the help of a special handle you begin making pumping motions, creating vacuum outside of the penis shaft. Technically it is not really perfect vacuum, but an area with lowered enough air pressure, which causes the inflow of additional blood volumes into the erectile cavities of the penis. As the result, you get excellent, very hard erection and your manhood actually seems to become bigger in all respects, longer and thicker. After pumping enough of blood into the penis tissue and getting a sufficient erection, a person should place a special ring, made of rubber, around the base of his penis shaft. This ring acts as a stopper, a trap for the blood, which has been pumped into the penis tissues. It does not let the blood leave the penis tissues and the penis stays erect for sex. But, as soon as the ring stopper is removed, the additional blood begins to outflow from the penis, and the erection is gone very soon. Your penis returns to its normal conditions and normal dimensions, as they were before the pump's action.

It can be argued, of course, that regular application of a penis pump can give certain after-effect for the penis size, due to constant extension of its tissues. But, as practice shows, such effects are insignificant. As we have mentioned above, a penis pump is efficient for getting the temporary erection in case you are not able to get it the natural way. But it has to be applied to your penis and operated each time, in advance to a love-making intercourse. On the other hand, there is always a possibility to overdo your efforts, applying too much pressure, and cause some damage to very sensitive penis shaft tissues. In this respect a penis pump is not a 100% safe method for penis enhancement and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

If your objective is the actual penis size enlargement, we can recommend a different device - a penis extender. This gadget has gained considerable popularity recently. Its action is based on principles that are quite different from those of a penis pump. A penis extender, when attached to your penis, applies gentle traction force in the area closer the penis head. Under the influence of the traction force the cells of the penis shaft tissues are forced to multiply more energetically and in the direction countering the pulling force - they are kind of trying to relieve the pressure applied from outside. This pulling force can be adjusted by the user, so the extender would be comfortable to wear. The convenience of penis extender usage greatly depends on the brand you choose. The cheaper, budget models are produced from inferior materials, so they can quite well happen to be not so comfortable to wear than more expensive brands. It is not advisable to save funds when dealing with such sensitive part of male anatomy as your penis.

It goes without saying that an extender should be applied on regular bases every day, for several ours in a row. The results can become visible in a couple of months, so a penis extender user should be patient. Many users prefer wearing a penis extender at night, when sleeping. That would be a good strategy - while you are resting, your penis is growing in size and you even do not notice that. And, on the contrary to a vacuum penis pump, the extender is actually capable to add from 1 to 3 extra inches to your manhood's dimensions!

Recently many persons, seeking penis enlargement, have become quite enthusiastic about natural ways of penis enhancement, abandoning pumps and extenders. The recent trend is to use a combination of all-natural herbal sexual enhancement pills and natural penis extension exercises. Both of them are quite efficient by themselves, but when used in combination they bring amazing results in much shorter period of time. And it should be remembered that herbal sexual enhancement pills and penis extension exercises are perfectly safe if used as instructed. You will not expose your reproductive organ to any possible harmful side-effects!